Our mission is to reach any player, regardless of their age, level, or ability, and help them make more saves with fewer injuries. We do this by giving them structured, progressive training systems appropriate for their training age.

Stretching and Mobility
Program Design
Nutritional Consultation

What we do

It is my goal for Catalyst to be the go to place for training and support for off ice goalies. Through my website, blog and training program I will educate goalies about the importance of movement, training quality, structure and the specific ways my approach will improve their performance, consistency and longevity. Using the Catalyst website as a resource I will build a goalie community that offers all the off ice resources and products that any goalie of any ability can use to make more saves with fewer injuries.


  • University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Certified with National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Certified with USA Track and Field
  • Functional Movement Screen Certified
  • Currently working on Postural Restoration Institute Certification

Work History

  • 23 Years of Experience as a Sports and Fitness Trainer
  • Programming and Implementation of Off Ice Training for The Bruce Racine Goaltending Academy since 2007
  • Worked with Andy O’Brien and The Florida Panthers during the 2009-10 training camp conducting off ice testing and training
  • 2009 Consulted with Andy O’Brien and The Edge School for Athletes in Calgary Alberta


  • Worked with Goalies who are playing in the USA Development Program U17 & U18, USHL. Juniors, College, AAA Blues and other AAA teams, High School, Club, House and Beer Leagues

Meet Jim Adams

Hi, I’m Jim Adams and I’m excited to welcome you to Catalyst, my training website and blog designed specifically to target off ice training for goalies. My aim is for this site to be the go to place where you can find training information that will help you to have fewer injuries, to make more saves, and to find the answers to your goalie off ice training questions.

Jim Adams Profile Image

Jim Adams

Lead Trainer / Founder

I had a tragic accident when I was 18 years old it was a life changing experience. Before that I had no interest in training, but a love for sports. Determined to rehab myself I spent several years learning ways to improve how my body functioned. As a result I developed a passion for the art and science of sports training and have continued my work and education in the field for the last 23 years.

Though I’m interested in multiple sports hockey is number one on my list. I began goalie training at a young age and have had an obsession with it ever since. Who loves the challenge of getting pucks shot at them? GOALIES DO!

I continue to play today and have been fortunate enough to work and to train with some great people who are talented hockey players and goalies. This has enabled me to combine two of my greatest passions in life, hockey and fitness training.

The one thing I’ve learned on this journey is that regardless of skill level everyone can be a better player if they use the best training resources available to them and are willing to learn and work with passion. My hope is to train goalies, regardless of their age, level or ability and to help them make more saves with fewer injuries. Welcome to Catalyst. I look forward to working with you.

Welcome to Catalyst.

Not everyone can be the best player in the world, but everyone can be a better player, if they’re willing to learn and work with passion. We’re glad to have you here.